Cambridge First Preparation (FCE) B2

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1 class

Option 1 – 4 week minimum contract is £169 a month.

Option 2 – If you choose a 12-week minimum contract, the price is £145 per month. You cannot cancel before 3 payments.

Intensive Course (4 weeks)

2 classes – £199 per month

3 classes – £300 per month

4 classes – £399 per month

Unlimited Lessons – £450

Important information

Everything you need to know

Definitely, we want to make sure every student is 100% happy before paying anything. 

It will depend on your dedication and the number of hours of study weekly. English classes for beginners at Focus English school is perfect for students who have 0 knowledge or just a bit. It has been carefully designed to help you start speaking from day one and improve your confidence to have a conversation in English. The classes are fun, interactive and hands-on practice. There are a number of real-life activities such as questions and answers, listening exercises, job interviews and much more.

Each level lasts approximately 80 hours depending on the progress of the students and dedication. 


Right now. 

YES, YOU DO. We love discounts. Speak with our team and we will tell you all about it. 

We offer a range of classes from morning to evening and Saturdays. You can choose to study in one, two or all classes at once. You will learn faster if you study more hours. 

Unfortunately not. If you chose a long contract, the money will come out from your bank account automatically every month. If you wish to pay in cash you will have to pay all months at once. 


  • Don’t worry we have got you covered. Just send us your flight ticket and you will be able to take those days missed back.


  • Courses fees are not transferable or refundable. Students are liable for the entire cost of tuition.
  • Once you choose and pay for your membership you will not be able to cancel before the minimum period.

All our courses will prepare students to take the official certificate of Cambridge or Trinity. Each certificate costs around £150 to £200. These are world wide recoginised qualifications. They will for sure put you in the front of the queue when applying for a job. They can be taken from anywhere in the world.