Cambridge First Preparation (FCE) B2

Available online and at our office

Course Structure

  • Cambridge First Certificate Preparation Course is the perfect option for those who wish to achieve level B2 in English. The FCE English qualification proves that you are able to communicate effectively when working or studying. This course will not only prepare you to take the exam, but also for real life situations for formal and informal situations. The student will gain more confidence to write, read, listen and speak.
  • The FCE English Preparation Course runs in cycles and lasts approximately 80 to 100 hours. The duration will depend on the number of hours studied weekly. Courses are available in the mornings, evenings and Saturdays.
  • Our teachers use extra resources to complement the course. They will also discuss with you when is the best time to take the test, so you achieve the best result.
  •  This qualification is accepted by a range of locations globally such as universities, colleges, employers and the government. 

Course Details

  • This is a rolling course and contract. Students are required to give a 30 days notice to cancel the contract after the minimum term.
  • Watch a trial lesson before paying for the course.
  • Students may start on any day.
  • No registration fee.
  • Conversation and support classes at no extra cost.
  • The course fee is not refundable or transferable. Students are liable for the entire cost of tuition.
  • Books are not included in the course fee. £35 for a student’s book.
  • * In order to pay the fee in instalments students must have a valid English debit or credit card.

Our lovely students

Membership - Study in 1 class

4 weeks

Minimum contract
£ 160 Monthly
  • study in 1 group

12 weeks

Minimum contract
£ 140 Monthly
  • study in 1 group

24 weeks

Minimum contract
£ 594 Monthly
  • Equivalent to £99 a month. Must be paid in full.
  • study in 1 group

Memberships - study in 2 classes or unlimited

4 weeks

Minimum contract
£ 220 Monthly
  • study in 2 groups

12 weeks

Minimum contract
£ 199 Monthly
  • study in 2 groups

4 weeks

£ 399 Monthly
  • unlimited classes


Group 1 School

Monday to Friday

11:20 to 12:20

 Teacher: Efait

Why FCE?

FCE is widely accepted by international employers and universities.

It demonstrates that you are able to understand the main ideas of complex writing, that you can communicate effectively, and that you’ve acquired the language skills you need to take the next step to success.

What is FCE?

First Certificate in English, or Cambridge English: First, is an upper-intermediate qualification (CEFR B2 level).

It proves your ability to use everyday spoken and written English for study or work purposes.

The qualification may also be used as proof of your level of English for visas.