How to install Zoom
Live online English Classes

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Step 1 - Connect your headphones

Using a headset will improve communication between you and your teacher. It will also reduce the audio around you and your voice will be clear. 

If you don’t have one don’t worry. However, it will be difficult to hear and your voice will not be as clear. 

Step 2 - Install zoom

Use your smartphone, computer or mac or all of them. You will be able to follow the classes from home, work or even on the beach. As long as you have an internet connection. 

iPhone or Ipad: go to IOS store

Android: go to play store

Computer or Mack: 

Step 3 - open zoom

Click on the zoom app or open using your computer or mac.

Step 4 - Join a meeting

Click the join meeting button

Enter the information we sent you and click


Meeting ID: xxxxxxx

Password: xxxxxxx

Step 5 - Camera and microphone

Make sure your camera and microphone are working. You enable or disable.

Great you are now ready to have fun and learn English.